Thursday 18 January 2018
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Maths the Wacky Way – Algebra

25 thoughts on “Maths the Wacky Way – Algebra

  1. Claire Gallagher

    Given the feedback I have received on here. I have made a decision today to
    record more videos!! Follow Maths the Wacky Way on Facebook or
    @Mathswackyway on Twitter for further updates….

  2. Roxanne Burke

    This channel is too easy for me, but you give great analogies and examples,
    I think I will purchase a book for my cousin who is going into Algebra next
    year! Are these books available in stores, or can I buy them online? I am
    in the USA, and unsure how to order. I had never heard of you until a
    friend told me a few days ago. Apparently you really helped her! Thanks for
    your videos. :-)

  3. Glenda Argueta

    Oh my God, thank you so much for what you do for us. I cant wait to watch
    those videos because im about to drop my algebra class. I already order
    your book, hopefully i will receive it by next week!

  4. ewew erwe

    Kids now day are lucky with internet, when i was young couldn’t even used a

  5. marmite1914

    Can you please teach us expanding brackets with single, two binomial
    brackets and perfect squares?

  6. marmite1914

    Urgently need expanding brackets. Factorisation, changing subject of
    formulae, solving quadratics equations and simple algebraic fractions.

  7. Fluffy Films

    Thank you very much! , This has helped me with my math homework that i
    didn’t really understand, But thanks to you now i do! Keep on teaching your
    awesome, This has been the only math YouTube video i have found to work for
    me! :)

  8. Rolla Al-zahrani

    i have really been stuck on algebra u really helped me
    but im in y7 so could u do more pleas

  9. Claudia Molina

    thank you for making this video i know understand this type of equation at
    little better.

  10. GothicDarkhellrazor

    Thanks a lot! This helped me get a bit more familiar with equations. I’m
    going to watch it until i get full understanding with equations.

  11. UCHE UJU

    i am very grateful for people like this woman, i thank you very much for
    helping me to love mathematics i used to passionatly hate.
    i know now i can pass my coming maths exams. wonderful .thank you Jesus

  12. DrFishy

    Your videos are really good but what target audience are you aiming for. It
    seems pretty young.

  13. Niall Tidd

    Hi from Australia, thanks very much for this. Really broke every element
    down and helped a lot. Will be using this concept for University

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