Thursday 18 January 2018
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What is a Limit – What is a Derivative , Calculus 1 , Lesson 1

15 thoughts on “What is a Limit – What is a Derivative , Calculus 1 , Lesson 1

  1. Dr. Jonas Moses

    Sorry… in less than five minutes, if I were learning Calculus for the
    first time, I would have been completely lost. You begin with a “page”
    filled with lines, symbols and words, but do not define all of them. You
    make the dangerous (for the learner) assumption that you need not define
    all of your terms. It is fair and logical to deduce that your learner does
    not have good definitions for anything you are about to introduce,
    regardless of your apparent assumption that anyone seeking to learn
    Calculus must already have all of the prerequisite math knowledge.

    Given that anyone seeking out your video instructions may be, in fact
    (albeit, unwittingly), “beginning in the middle”: rather than chase the
    learner away, altogether, take the few extra minutes to define all terms
    and symbols you are using in your lesson. If your actual intent is to
    instruct — to share your knowledge with others — then you will have no
    problem retracing your steps and providing solid definitions.

    Most respectfully,

    Dr. Jonas Moses*

    (*an Engineer, with discalculia, who struggled mightily with Math, and
    knows just how your learners are feeling!)


  2. Astrid Phale

    At 3:50 to 3:54 you said the secant line is right on top of the tangent
    line. Won`t that make the limit equal to zero something we are not
    interested in in limits as all we are concerned about is the “approaching”
    and not the actual “destination”. Could somebody please clarify?

  3. Jake Wesfield

    “Dr”. Jonas Moses nobody asked for your two cents! Who gives a rats ass
    that you’re so called “Dr. Jona” that doesn’t mean that you can boast about
    it by discriminating others by their style or ways of teaching! Get off
    your high horse and bite the dust! Moron!

  4. Jibran Ahmad

    Awesome. Thank you for clarification. I thought the derivative was the
    slope of a point, but now I am sure. THANK YOU, and I will stay tuned to
    your great information. 

  5. Steve DL

    Is there any such thing as “an introduction to Calculus ?” It seems to me
    to understand the Calculus, one must understand the Calculus.

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