Thursday 18 January 2018
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Maths Tutorial: Trigonometry Law of Sines / Sine Rule

25 thoughts on “Maths Tutorial: Trigonometry Law of Sines / Sine Rule

  1. eduardo mannion

    thanks for the amazing explanation, made sense 🙂 , any chance you could do
    another amazing and easy to understand video on Spherical trigonometry
    …………. PLEASE ? 

  2. Jan Clyde Macaraeg

    Came here to refresh my knowledge. Watched it, I understood everything, had
    no problems following and it came easy through my head. Nice job!

  3. pataponman280

    THANK YOU, they didnt really teach me this in school for some reason. and
    this year apperantly we were supposed to know it! You are a life saver! :D

  4. CazzaCanola

    Trigonometry has always been my fault in maths, you just changed that. You
    are so much better at explaining it. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Jonathan Sin

    Thank you! I can’t tell you how much this has helped! I would donate some
    money if there was a button to do so!

  6. realdeal378

    What if you get no matching pairs? for example: Angle 38* (C), 33.2cm (b)
    nad 34,9cm (a) and you had to work out A, c and B??

  7. pinpointnoobworld

    My teacher is dumb and have a test tomorrow this is helping me very much
    thanks a ton. Btw the way you do your X’s are weird but make them look sick

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